Smart Ways to Choose Shapewear Dress as Needed

Every woman who has given birth usually has problems with their body shape and sagging belly. Besides exercising, one of the ways that can be used to deal with this kind of appearance is by wearing a shapewear dress.

The main function of a shapewear dress is to shape the body to look ideal. It can lift certain body parts and put pressure on specific areas.

How to Choose the Right Shapewear Dress?

How to choose the right shapewear dress so that you will not feel any regret? Here are the tips you need to try!

Get to Know Your Body Shape to Find Your Dream Shapewear Dress

You have to know your body shape first in order to find your ideal shapewear dress. Here are some types of women’s body shapes:

  1. The hourglass is an ideal body shape because both the top and the bottom of the body have the same width while the middle is slim.
  2. The apple-like body shape has a large waist area.
  3. The pear shape has a narrow waist with fairly wide hips. 
  4. The rectangle shape has a waistline that tends to be invisible because the body shape looks straight from top to bottom. Choose products that can lift the chest area. 
  5. The strawberry shape is a body shape with broad shoulders, and a large chest area but small hips. This body shape is similar to an inverted triangle. 

After knowing your body shape, you can find a shapewear that can hide the flaws of your body shape.  


For example, you can find a corset shape that can lift the back of the body and hide the waist silhouette. Or a shapewear dress with an accent on the waist that can emphasize that area. 

Choose the Right Size


Choose the right size of a shapewear for your body. Avoid choosing a smaller size because there is a risk of tearing. 

The perfect way to know the right size is by measuring your body first. Apart from the risk of tearing, choosing a smaller size of shapewear (this also applies to larger sizes of shapewear) means that it will not work well on your body. 

Pay Attention to the Material

Choose a shapewear with excellent materials, so that it is comfortable to wear and can be used for a long time because of its durableness. You can also choose a sustainable shapewear from Shapellx which is made from recycled materials, so it is environmentally friendly. 

Well, those are some tips in choosing a shapewear dress that you need to pay attention to. Avoid impulsive buying by carefully choosing what you want to buy. It will save your money as well as a form of a sustainable lifestyle. 

Shapellx is committed to minimizing the use of plastic and using biodegradable materials. In order to save more money when buying this dream item, don't forget to purchase the shapewear Black Friday sales promo!

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